Hair: Red     

Eyes: Blue                             

Height: 5’8”       

Dress: 6



Katharine Hepburn                


Anna                                                                  Angel and Others                                    

Tallulah Bankhead, Hae        






Tracy Jennings  

Miss Fischer



YaSin Shabazz

YaSin Shabazz

Matthew Ehlers

Neal Dhand






Tea at Five (one woman show)                                        The Glass Menagerie                                     

Boston Marriage                                                               Angels in America, Part I                                 

Something Cloudy, Something Clear           


The Hostage                                                 

Amy's View                                                   



Wake up, Mrs. Moore

A Picasso (with John Hertzler)



Cherry Crush-Starring Nikki Reed and Jonathan Tucker

The Interview

Smoking Laws






Nextstage, Geva Theatre Center, Blackfriars          Blackfriars Theatre

Blackfriars Theatre                                                      

Method Machine                                     

Method Machine         

Method Machine                                                           Rochester Irish Players                                               Shipping Dock Theatre                                                    

Geva Theatre Center  

Geva Theatre Center 



Teacher  (Featured) 

Carrie (Lead) 

Upset Bachelorette (Supporting) 

Deaf Woman (Supporting)


Acting Intensive Theatre Workshops: Alaine Alldaffer, Playwrights Horizons 

On-Camera: Allison Estrin, Kimberly Graham, Angela Mickey, Tiffany Little Canfield 


Circle in the Square Theatre School: Elena McGhee-Linklater Voice, Alan Langdon-Stanislavski Scene Study, Jacqueline Brookes-Character Analysis, Ken Schatz-Physical Acting, Sybil Lines-Shakespeare and Classical Text


The Shakespeare Forum: Coaching by Tyler Moss and Sybille Bruun



British, Irish, French, Russian, and Southern Dialects, Teleprompter, Voice Over, Mezzo-Soprano 

Stage Combat: Hand-to-Hand,  Sword Fighting: American and British, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Piano,  Bassoon, Yoga, Running, Animal Lover and Advocate, Masters of Science in Adolescent Inclusive Education: New York State Certified-English 7-12, Teaching Students with Disabilities 7-12 & Theatre K-12, Tutor, Gardener, Cruelty-Free Makeup Artist, Hula-Hooper, Chameleon-Like Redhead

Objective: To obtain a high school English, Special Education and /or Theatre position that offers both challenge                            

                 and an opportunity to enrich my growing skills as an educator and advocate for youth.



Experience:  10/12-6/14-EBL Coaching, Tutoring-New York, NY

                      Tutor to private and public school students ranging in age from eight to twenty-one across                                                                             Manhattan. Working directly with students,  parents and teachers to provide intensive, one-on-                                                                     one remediation and instruction in the areas of writing, reading comprehension, study skills, and

                      public speaking. Long term relationships with several families, leading to measurable academic                                                                   improvement.

                      2/12-6/12-John Marshall High School, RCSD-Rochester, NY

                      Title I funded English and Special Education teacher to select eighth graders 

                      on track to earn ninth grade English credit. Providing advanced and challenging English Language                                                               Arts instruction while adhering to the IEP needs and requirements of each student in the cohort.

                      10/11-12/11-Churchville-Chili Middle School-Churchville, NY

                      Long-term substitute 7th grade English teacher instructing both general education and honors-level                                                             students, maintenance of student records and teacher grade book, attending parent and faculty                                                                   meetings, providing academic cultivation, support and counsel.

                     8/10-6/11-Thomas Jefferson H.S., RCSD-Rochester, NY

                     Theatre Arts teacher to general education and international middle and high school students of                                                                    diverse backgrounds. Working closely with both students and colleagues to create an enriching                                                                    performing arts experience wherein students may uncover and strengthen their inherent talents. 

                     11/04-5/05-Public School 230-Brooklyn, NY

                      Substitute teacher for grades K-5, as well as Art, Music and Science in an ethnically diverse setting,                                                             collaborating with staff to provide the best interim instruction possible. 

Education:    Nazareth College-Masters of Adolescent English Education, NYS certified in English,

                     Theatre and Special Education-May 2010, Rochester, NY

                     Circle in the Square Theatre School-7 Week Acting Intensive Workshop-August 2004, New York, NY

                     SUNY Fredonia-Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Psychology minor-May 2001

Skills and

Interests:     Interior Design, Writing, Drawing, Traveling, Organization and Efficiency, Cooking, Stage, Film and                                                               Commercial Performance, Gardening, Yoga, Sustainability, Animal Advocacy, Strong Interpersonal Skills                                                     with both Adults and Children